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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pinterest Thursday: FAIL & Christmas Decorations!

This post just goes to show that not all attempts at the Handy Andy motto are successful.

I absolutely love sweet potato fries, actually I love sweet potato anything. So, I was thrilled when I found this tutorial on Pinterest for how to make crispy sweet potato fries from The Art of Doing Stuff.

Don't those look amazing?! I set out to try this for dinner tonight. The tutorial recommends soaking the sweet potatoes in water for at least an hour, but I didn't have the time. Instead I put the whole sweet potatoes in a bowl with some water in the bottom and microwaved them for 5 minutes.

When I got them out they seemed a little softer than ideal, but I went ahead and peeled them and cut them up anyway. After that, I tossed them in a plastic bag with about a tablespoon and a half of cornstarch.

I drizzled olive oil on them and tossed them in my hands to make sure they were all covered. At this point I could tell they really weren't going to turn out the same because they were already too soft and the oil made it worse.

I spread them out on the cookie sheet and put them in the oven for 15 minutes. At about 10 minutes I tried to flip them. Tried. They stuck to the cookie sheet pretty hardcore. Oh well, I put them back in for 5 more minutes.

Epic fail. Key words from the tutorial: nonstick cookie sheet. Well, they were pretty soft, but we ate them anyway (I suggest drizzling honey over sweet potato fries). I think that putting them in the microwave was a big mistake. They would probably have been fine, even if I didn't have time to soak them, if I would have just put them in a few minutes longer. Oh, and if I had sprayed my cookie sheet first. So, there you have it. 

On a more positive note, I put out my Christmas decorations tonight! Here are some pictures:

My Precious Moments Nativity that my mom painted for me when I was younger. I put it on the hutch in the kitchen where my Thanks gourds were.

Our stockings on the occasional table (because we don't have a mantel), along with my Willow Tree Nativity.

I love this cute little sign I got from Hobby Lobby last year!

My absolute favorite Christmas ornament ever! It was my mom's and I loved putting it on the tree growing up, so when I moved out she gave it to me - along with the 20-something other ornaments she gave me (she has gotten me a new ornament every year since I was born).

And finally, my TREE! [and Friends on the TV]. I can't wait to wrap some presents and put them under there!
Well, I hope that made this post more interesting for you since my Pinterest Thursday attempt didn't turn out.

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Covered Ornaments - Cute and Easy!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is officially time to start getting ready for the Christmas season! Get out your Christmas CDs and decorations!

I've seen lots of different types of DIY ornaments so far this year and I wanted to give them a shot.

 Here is an example of one of the good ideas I've seen:

Vintage paper covered ornaments from Flea Market Style. I also saw a cute string covered ornament while I was in a little shop over the weekend. So, naturally, I thought "I can make that!"

I started with the following supplies:

1. Ugly, cheap ornaments I've had since we got married.
2. Old book
3. Yarn
4. Hot glue gun & glue
5. Mod Podge

After that, it was pretty simple. I covered a few ornaments using the Mod Podge and ripped strips of the book, and I covered the rest by wrapping the yarn around the ornament and securing it with hot glue. It took kind of a long time to wrap the ornaments with yarn, so if you're going to do a bunch make sure you have a good movie on.

Anyway, here they are!

This is a great way to make sure you have coordinating ornaments if you have a small tree or do themed trees. You could use scrapbook paper instead of vintage book pages and then tie ribbons to the tops for an extra touch. I wanted these to be a little more rustic looking, so I didn't include ribbons on these.

So, there you go -- my first Christmas craft of the season! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the Christmas season!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nursery Name Blocks

Happy Thanksgiving week! I'm so excited for Thanksgiving! Handy Andy and I are going to Arkansas to spend the holiday with his grandparents, and I can't wait! 

As I said before, I boycott anything Christmas-y until after Thanksgiving, that normally includes Christmas shopping as well. Not that I boycott it, just that I generally don't get started until after Thanksgiving. Well, I got started early this year (well, early for me) and already completed the names blocks I planned to make for my adorable nephew’s room. And, just in case you missed this tutorial over at Go Greeno this week, here it is. These types of blocks can be found anywhere, so I really don't have a specific picture to show you for inspiration.

Here are the supplies I used:

1.     Wood blocks (varied sizes, lightly sanded and cleaned) – mine were cut from a 3x3 post
2.     Cricut Personal Cutting Machine and font cartridge
3.     Coordinating scrapbook paper
4.     Mod Podge and brush
5.     Paper Cutter
6.     Other embellishments (ribbons, buttons, etc)

First I used my Cricut to cut out my nephew’s name in red paper – you can also use the adhesive backed vinyl, but I couldn’t find red so I went with paper. I chose red, black and football-themed paper to match my nephew’s nursery. Then I cut out paper to cover the faces of the blocks. I arranged the paper and letters the way I liked and glued them on and brushed Mod Podge all over the layers. After that, I decided where to use the ribbon and buttons.

Once the Mod Podge dried, I hot glued the ribbon and buttons where I liked and then it was done!

So cute, personal and easy! And you could also make this as a gift for a newly married couple or family, using their last name instead. I bet this would be a cute decoration to give to someone on YOUR Christmas list! 

This is my last post until after Thanksgiving, so HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pinterest Thursday: Rosette Headband

Happy Thursday! Time for another Pinterest-inspired project! Rosette headbands are so popular right now and they are so cute. I've seen a ton of tutorials online for fabric flowers so I figured I would give it a shot. I actually made them for the first time to use on my last project and I used the same fabric as well.

This was my inspiration from Pinterest:

So, here's what I gathered (all things I already had!):

1. Fabric
2. Scissors
3. Hot glue gun/glue
4. Burlap
5. Headband (I decided to use a stretchy headband because the other ones hurt my head)

I followed the rosette tutorial from Cherry Street Cottage. There are step by step instructions and a video, which I found very helpful. I made one large rosette and two smaller ones and then hot glued them together.

After that I cut out some burlap to back the rosettes and keep them together and glued them onto it. You sewing-inclined people might choose to sew at all the steps I used hot glue, but as I mentioned previously, I do not sew.

Finally, I took my headband and hot glued the rosette cluster to the band.

 [Excuse my crazy hair.]

There you have it! After I got the hang of making the rosettes, the rest was easy! I'm definitely going to make a few more of these.

Also, I'm guest posting over at Go Greeno today -- go check it out!

I hope you're have a great week! It's so close to Thanksgiving -- I'm getting excited!

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