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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A 10-Minute Project & My Dirty Little Secret

Who doesn't love a 10-minute project? Well, I love quick projects, and this one is great!

While I was riding the train recently, I was doing some DIY digging online and found this little mason jar project from Martha Stewart.

How fun and practical is that? So, I gave it a go.

First, I gathered the supplies:

1. Mason Jar
2. Glue Gun
3. Batting (or in my case, the innards of an old pillow)
4. Cardboard
5. Fabric

Following Martha's instructions, I traced the sealer top on the cardboard and cut out the circle. Then, I glued the pillow stuffing to the cardboard circle (make sure the circle fits into the screw top before doing this, just to be safe). After this, I placed the cardboard with stuffing facedown on the fabric piece.

At this point, I mixed up Martha's steps and I folded the fabric around the cardboard and glued it in place. Then I put hot glue around the inside edges of the screw cap and pushed it through.

Martha said to push the cushion through first and then wrap and glue the fabric around the cardboard, which I'm pretty sure would have been better because it would have fit better into the screw cap. Oh well. Anyway, after that I glued the seal cap on the fabric-covered cardboard lid and...

Wah-La! There it is. Mason Jar sewing kit. Seriously, 10 minutes.

Ok, now for the moment you've been waiting for...my dirty little secret. This cute sewing kit is not for me. It's for a friend. Why? Because I don't sew. Actually, I can't sew. I am a failure at using my sewing machine. All my projects are no sew required. I know you're devastated. Anyway, there you have it -- confessions of a twenty-something crafter.

I hope you enjoyed this quick project and your weekend!

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  1. Great project! I used to have a jar like that, but I don't know what happened to it. Maybe I will have to try that again, and yes, it is a great gift idea. And I bet you could totally sew if you really sat down and tried! Get Handy Andy to show you how. :)

  2. This is a fun idea. I have been thinking about doing one of these for a Christmas Present.

  3. this i fabulous...... I love it because you can pop all the thread in the jar and just grab it really quick.... perfect!


  4. yayyyyy :] (I just guessing that I'm the said "friend.")