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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pinterest Thursday: Word Pendant Necklace

Happy Thursday! This week I decided to be adventurous and try something I've never done before -- Jewelry. Now, I've dabbled in a lot of crafts, but jewelry is one thing I know pretty much nothing about. But, it's my mom's birthday week, and I wanted to make her something special and she loves jewelry, so I gave it a shot.

A few weeks ago Jaime from Crafty, Scrappy, Happy had a guest post from Amy over at One Artsy Mama on how to make this unique and way cute necklace:

How awesome is that?! By the way -- both those blogs rock, so go follow along!

The instructions Amy gave seemed simple enough, so I decided to try it! After all, Handy Andy wouldn't shy away from a project he'd never attempted before, so neither should I!

I went to Hobby Lobby (aka the best place ever) and spent way too long looking for these materials:

1. Chain $2.99
2. Cross Charm $0.99 (it was 50% off!)
3. Rectangle Pendant Bezel $1.99
4. Mod Podge Dimensional Magic $5.50

I brought the supplies home and then scoured my thrift-store dictionary for the perfect word. I decided on "family" for obvious reasons and a few other reasons. Amy took a picture of the page and then edited it on her computer, but since this dictionary was purchased for the purpose of crafting, I just used the actual page. I also used a brown ink pad to add a little big of an aged effect. Then I cut the page to the size of my pendant and used some glue to place it in there.

At this point, I decided to add some glitter, because that is just so my mom. I put some multi-colored glitter in there and then filled it with the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.

This stuff dries clear, but takes three hours so it's not for the impatient (me). But, since I did this late at night, I just left it overnight. In the morning it looked like this:

It looks so cool! Then, I added a cross charm. Amy suggests using a jump ring, but I didn't want to buy a package of them when I probably wouldn't use them again. Instead I used some thin wire I had at home and wrapped it around a pen a few times to make a small loop (same idea as a key ring). I put the cross on there and then put that on the loop of the pendant. Add the chain and...

Mom's birthday present done! It was so easy, and you know if I said that, having no experience in jewelry making, then it's true. Now I have a unique and thoughtful gift to give my mom for only $12 (and that's if you don't already have the Mod Podge DM, which I didn't). Maybe a gift like this would be perfect for someone on your Christmas list...

Thanks so much to Jaime and Amy for sharing such a great tutorial!

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  1. I love your necklace and the title of your blog, glad I found you at 20 below Thursday. I would love for you to join my weekly linky fri-monday, come strut your stuff.


  2. That is really a cool idea! Maybe I can come up with something like this soon. Christmas is on its way. Please join us for your first ever linky party.

  3. I always wanted to make one of these! Thanks so much for showing us how! I'm you newest follower!

  4. Amy is great! Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday.


  5. Beautiful and thoughtful gifts! Am making these as soon as I get some Mod Podge - love that stuff and thanks for letting us know about the dimensional variety!

  6. I'm sure your mum will love her gift. Very pretty!

  7. That is a cook effect! I like to make jewelry once in a while. That would be fun to try!

  8. so, i wanted to join the pinterest thursday linkup party for my thankful tree last week... and it closed too soon. :( so hopefully next week.

    for real though, i was crafting tonight & thinking "why am i doing this without liz right now?" plus it was Christmas-y, and i don't know how you feel about the holiday, but every second of my thoughts are filled with excitement about it (and Nora. :]) let's get together.

    and your mom's necklace is AMAZING! :] i love how it turned out!!

  9. this is a really cool idea! love it!!

  10. WONDERFUL!!!!! I love your version of this project!!!! :o) So cool! I am glad to know that I was not the only one that was inspired by Amy's project! My mind is still going crazy over ideas!!!! :o)
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy