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Friday, September 28, 2012

Guest Post - Tutus & Tea Parties

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Well, onto the guest post. My bloggy friend Lauren from Tutus & Tea Parties is here to share this fun project with you...

I am so happy to be here on Here's to Handy Andy! I'm Lauren and if you don't know, I blog over at Tutus & Tea Parties about crafting and parenting...and sometimes crochet projects. I also am the co-host with Here's to Handy Andy for the weekly Pinteresting Party where we link up our post and pin one another's link ups. It's fun! I'd love for you to stop by and say hello. Onto the post...

I'm not the biggest Halloween person, but I do love me some Halloween decorations! Over the years of moving (yes, we've moved 5 times in the past 7 years...don't ask) I've either lost or broken most of my decorations so I figured why not make some?! To go along with my cute little pumpkin candle holders (his smaller, chubbier friend has missing eyeballs so he's not in the photo), I made a candy cane colored rice jar. I think it's pretty cute, and it was cheap and easy to make. Yep, gotta love them cheap & easy projects!


  • White Rice (I got 2 large boxes at Walmart for under $2 each)
  • Food Coloring (you only need red and yellow)
  • 2 large zip top bags (one for each color you'll be mixing)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cookie Sheet (to dry the rice)
  • Mason Jar or Glass Bottle with labels removed
  • a kid who likes to shake things (optional)

I used about half a box for each color only because I am using the leftover rice for a kiddo project which you'll see soon! Otherwise, just use about a cup or two of rice for each color, depending on your jar size.

Pour your desired amount of rice into a bag. Add a splash of rubbing alcohol (I used about 2 TBS for my half a box) and your food coloring. I found that mixing the red & yellow (to make orange, duh) is better done in a bowl and then poured into the rice for even coloring.

Grab your kid (or do it yourself) and shake that bag until all the rice is colored. Add more alcohol/food coloring if needed. (It's always fun to sing Shake Senora as you do it...but that might be just me.)

Repeat for yellow. Lay out the rice (separated) onto a cookie sheet and let dry overnight.

Layer your rice into the jar and there you have it! Cute, eh? You can even go as far as painting the lid (which I clearly should have done noticing the rusty spots as I look at the photos now).

Enjoy your Candy Corn Jar! 

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