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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Treasures - She Reads Truth


Yes, I am excited for Thanksgiving. It's really my favorite holiday. This year we are spending it with my family, which we haven't done in several years, and it's going to be awesome. My family is super crazy, but that's what makes us fun...right?!

Anyway, what I wanted to share today as my Tuesday Treasure is the site She Reads Truth.

Okay seriously, I've been in a rut with my Bible reading lately, and I stumbled upon this site through Twitter (@SheReadsTruth). It's a great site where you can read daily devotions, sign up for reading plans, and share with others doing the same.

If you're looking for a reading plan, I highly suggest downloading the YouVersion app on your mobile device or going to their website and then searching She Reads Truth under the Reading Plans section. Once you choose one of the plans, you can sign up for reminder notifications and emails at whatever time you want. The plans take you through different books of the Bible and have a short devotional along with it. I have really appreciated these plans - a lot!

Anyway, right now there is a Thanksgiving plan going on that you can sign up to follow, or just follow along on the blog. Here's a little bit from today's post:

We are broken people, but there is a God who will never let you down. So before we get even further into this season–this busy season–take time to get focused. Focus on Him. Focus on His mercies, His great love for you, and His grace. Set your expectations on Him alone.
Take time to thank Him for each of these things –and ask that He may fill you up, so that you might overflow love, mercy and grace to everyone you come in contact with this season.
What a great challenge for this holiday season - focus on Him, when there is so much to distract!

I hope you'll check out She Reads Truth and be encouraged by the community there.

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  1. That's so neat that you found a community on Twitter like that to connect with! Always good to have some quiet inspiration during the holidays.

  2. I have been following along with She Reads Truth since I found them in the summer. Love being a part of that community and I gain so much more from scripture by hearing what's on everyone's heart.