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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pinterest Thursday: I tried it!

The room where my craft table is located is affectionately called Sparty's Room due to the Michigan State decor and the large MSU Spartan fathead on the wall.

Sparty's room is my craft room as well as our office. There's a lot going on in Sparty's Room and it's not a very big space. I'm always trying to figure out good organizational methods to make the most of the space I have in there, so when I saw this on Pinterest I got inspired:

Cute. Simple. Cheap. Now it's my turn -- I think I can make that!

Over the course of about two weeks I gathered eight empty cans and peeled the labels off and washed them. I decided that I didn't want to put the cans directly on the wall so I picked a piece of wood from Handy Andy's wood scraps to mount the cans onto. After that, I got some green and white spray paint and gorilla glue (from Handy Andy's adhesive collection). I painted the board and four of the cans white. The other cans got painted green. Once they dried I used the gorilla glue to mount the cans on the board. Gorilla glue expands, so it was good for the skinny bottom edges of the cans. This glue  takes between 4-6 hours to completely dry, so I patiently waited and then...


If you look closely, you can see where the gorilla glue expanded outside of the cans and I was too lazy to fix it didn't fix it because it gave it more personality...or something. I still need to do something with my ribbons, but this lovely can creation cleared up some space on my table, so I'm happy!

Well, maybe you can't tell that it helped to organize my table, but it did. I promise.

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  1. I cracked up when you said you got the Gorilla Glue from his adhesive collection. Men. This turned out great! I love the idea of recycling the cans, and mounting them on the wall gets them off the worktop. Thanks for linking up with me!!

  2. This is a great idea! I wish I had my own craft space! I would do really cool stuff like that. Funny how the simplest and cheapest stuff create the best oranizational tools!

  3. I love looking for inspiration on Pinterest too. So much gorgeous stuff there !

  4. noooooooooooo! boo michigan state!

    I am a wolverine fan..so I had to say it! hah!