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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meet Handy Andy

Handy Andy is my husband. He can make anything. Want some proof? Here it is...

Handy Andy's little sister got married recently. When she got engaged he told her he would build her anything she wanted for her wedding present. She decided she wanted an arbor made to use in her wedding ceremony. The picture she showed him as an example of what she wanted was this:

So, he started building...when it was almost done it looked like this:

And this is what it looked like on her wedding day:



Another great thing about Handy Andy is that he is creative and he likes to make things that solve problems. Proof? Fine. Handy Andy finds my hair ties and bobby pins everywhere. Why? There's no good place to store/organize them all. This was a problem in Handy Andy's eyes. So, for Christmas a few years ago he put this in my stocking:


It has hooks for my headbands and hair ties, and flat metal pieces in between for my bobby pins. Love it!

These are just two examples of the excellent things that Handy Andy has come up with. There are many many more impressive projects (including our entire remodeled house, maybe I'll post some pictures later). And this is the inspiration that has led to me to create this blog as a way to record the projects that I undertake as I adopt Handy Andy's [slightly edited] mantra, "I [think I] can make that!"


  1. Hello! Found your blog in Scrapbook Ninjas. Looks like you are off to a great start.

    Your husband sounds like mine. If we can imagine it, he can build or create it. Two creative souls living in the same house.

    The first project we ever did together was when we tore apart and re-designed a corner computer desk. First he raised it and put it on wheels (he's tall), and the wheels makes it so he can move it from the wall if he needs to. Then we went into the garage a re-designed a custom fit top that is at least twice the size of what we started with. We then applied corkboard to part of it, added hardware so he could hang his monitor, and added a hanging unit to hang the computer tower from. It looks NOTHING like what we started with. If we ever have to move it out of the room, the top will have to come off first.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I think I'll blog about it and share your link since it's what inspired me!

    Keep blogging. It's so much fun!

  2. Thanks Sher! It's always an adventure with multiple projects going on in the same house! I'll be interested to see the post about the desk when you get it up. :)